Inbound Business
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You can facilitate businesses and call center agents to meet in NoTime platform, build a recurring revenue as a result. Talk to us to learn more.

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Access to Inbound Market

NoTime helps overseas call centers to get inbound business regardless of the size of their agent pool.


Larger Call Traffic

NoTime helps overseas call centers to get inbound business regardless of the size of their agent pool. Agents can service multiple businesses and you can tier your agents for standard and comprehensive skills.


Recurring Revenue

Unlike outbound campaigns, inbound call volumes are bring long-term recurring business. NoTime will offer the flexibility to start a call center easily and your call center will have a continuous call volume and more stable revenue model.


Build Reputation

Businesses struggle to validate agent performance in outsource call centers. With positive feedback and past performance, your agents can build an online reputation for more business and high call volumes. NoTime only accepts overseas call center agents through an outsource call center organization.

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NoTime is great for your business


Get Paid Faster

Businesses fill up their balance before NoTime agents start taking their calls. Therefore NoTime will pay outsource call centers much faster; weekly or earlier.

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Infrastructure Included

NoTime service includes cloud call center infrastructure, reporting and monitoring portal, voice recording and analytics and all the telecom costs. You can eliminate the cost of managing and maintaining a call center platform.

Get Started
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Migrate in Three Steps

  • 1.

    Register your organization and agents into NoTime. Agents will receive an email and complete their individual settings. They will also select the customer service skills suitable for them.

  • 2.

    Agents will complete mandatory training modules and will pick the skills available. Typically one agent will have 3-4 high volume skills and 7-8 low volume skills with retainer fee.

  • 3.

    Start taking calls, monitor agent availability, access conversation transcripts to optimise the call handling, first customer resolution and your online reputation.

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Calculate Your Potantial Revenue

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Potential Revenue

Start Your Call Center in NoTime

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