Working with Freelance Customer Experts

NoTime helps your customers to talk to a specialist who is trained for your business needs at any time for maximising lead conversion and efficient customer service

Customers are more open and creative when talking on the phone than writing on a webchat or web form

Next-Generation Sales Funnel

White digital marketing creates awareness and interest for your business, NoTime helps to handle this interest over the phone and move the customers down the sales funnel


Zero Training Costs

NoTime offers no cost e-learning platform and virtual supervisor bot to minimize the training time and avoid any training costs


Eliminate Hiring Process

Once the skills are published in NoTime e-learning portal, matching agents to criteria will be notified. You can reject any talent if you prefer.


Access to Large Talent Pool

Businesses can access to NoTime talent pool and invite high performing talent to their skills and campaigns. They can also offer weekly retainer fee to selected talents during the campaign.


Challenges in Traditional Customer Engagement Model

Businesses lose half of their hot leads while spending a lot of resources to convert thousand of cold leads

Inbound Lead Conversion

Inbound Lead Conversion

Businesses offer web chat and webforms to engage with the customers in order to reduce costs. They are often slow to get results, require customer effort and only 50% of the hot leads can be converted.

Costly Customer Service

Costly Customer Service

There is a big cost of creating a dedicated customer service in-house or outsourced. In a typical call center, 70% of the cost is the talent cost.

Low Occupancy

Talk to every single lead with...

In a typical inbound call center, agents are occupied only 30-50% of their shift time. Call centers are often overstaffed to accommodate the swings in the call volumes.

High Staff Churn

High Staff Churn

In the US, 30% of the call center agents quit their jobs each year which creates the hidden cost of re-hiring and re-training

Why Freelance Customer Experts


Scale Up and Down Easily

Freelance experts and gig economy is great for changing customer demand. You can easily scale up and down your customer handling capacity.


Already Skilled

Freelance experts are already trained in generic call handling skills such as frustrated callers, conflict resolution, problem solving, telephone sales and ticketing app.


Customer Feedback History

Customer feedback scores of each expert can be accessed in NoTime platform so you can identify the quality talen easily.


Long-Term Career

Freelance experts are incentivised to learn new skills quickly, so that they can take calls from more business and increase their earnings. They are self-motivated people to learn specialist skills to improve their rates.


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