Customer-Led Growth in FinTech

NoTime Web Team May 28, 2021
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The biggest challenge for the Fintech companies today is to build trust. Electronic Money providers, payment services, crypto exchanges, money transfer companies and next-generation online banks are relatively new in the market. Therefore, proving that they are a legitimate business is very important for their growth. Offering an engagement over the phone with local experts can signal this trust to fintech customers. The ability to talk to an expert any time of the day and the weekends can definitely help the company to become a trusted business.

Fintech companies often operate globally. Customers usually prefer a global player to a local one for the same trust issue. Therefore the business needs to support a number of countries and languages. And in these markets, they don’t know how many calls they may get any time of the day. Freelance customer experts with pay as your use model can be the solution for the global support over the phone in local languages.

Some fintech companies operate in Alternative markets which are often volatile. The market can go up and down dramatically. Customer service for a fintech also needs to adjust to these big swings in the demand. Working with freelance experts, a fintech business can easily scale up and down almost in real-time.

Customer onboarding is another barrier in fintech businesses. Companies lose many of their new customers during the onboarding process. Clients need to go through identity verification steps for money laundering regulations, which involve some documents to be sent, some information to be shared and validated. It often causes delays in onboarding the customer and the fintech companies end up with many inactive customers. We can encourage your clients to call the company if they need help with onboarding with the click and call button on your website. Freelance experts can handle these calls and complete onboarding quickly and minimize the number of inactive customers.

Like any financial service business, information security and data privacy are critical for fintech companies. NoTime offers many data privacy features; we can partially show the phone number, name, and address. Also, we can present the range of the amount in recent transactions instead of the exact value. During integration with your back office apps, we can make sure that only the necessary information will be accessible by the freelance expert, nothing more.

The best way to see if your company can work with this model is to try NoTime platform with freelance experts. please visit and register your company today. You can start talking to every customer over the phone very quickly, in NoTime. Please check out our videos on youtube, share and comment, call us to talk about your business and how NoTime can help.

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