Small Business and Start-Ups

NoTime helps businesses to start offering call center services including staff,
without any upfront investment or business commitment

Freelance Call Center Agent


Better Performance

Freelance call center agents are career professional who enjoy the remote working, flexible hours and better income which NoTime offers. They are more committed to this occupation than a traditional agent, therefore more likely to perform better.


Customer Satisfaction History

Performance history and customer feedbacks of each agent can be accessed in NoTime platform which helps to identify the quality talent easily.


Existing Skills

Freelance call center agents are already experienced in generic call center skills such as conflict resolution, problem handling, telephone sales and agent screens.


Faster Acquisition of New Skills

Freelance agents are incentivised to learn new skills quickly, so that they can start taking calls from those skills and increase their earnings. They are self-motivated people to learn new skills and improve their portfolio.

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Three Simple Steps

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Calculate your cost

Businesses can calculate the cost for their estimated traffic using NoTime Cost Calculator


Fill up your balance

Using the estimated cost, businesses fill up their balance before going live. Click here to learn the most efficient way to fill up your balance


Start sending calls to NoTime

Once the balance is updated, businesses can add their skills and start using NoTime talent pool.