Getting Started

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Three Simple Steps

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Calculate your cost

Businesses can calculate the cost for their estimated traffic using NoTime Cost Calculator


Fill up your balance

Using the estimated cost, businesses fill up their balance before going live. Your service delivery manager can advise the most practical option for your payment preferences.


Start sending calls to NoTime

Once the balance is updated, businesses can add their skills and start using NoTime talent pool.

Adding Skills


Upload Training Materials

You can upload training materials for each skill onto NoTime e-learning portal. Training material can be written documents (Word, PDF), videos or slide decks. Businesses can also create a qualification exam to certify agents for each skill.


Agent Training

Relevant agents will be notified in NoTime and they can start taking the training. Once they pass the exam for the skill, they will be listed as a “qualified agent”.


Upload Contact Flows

Meanwhile, businesses upload their IVR menu options, announcement texts for each step, integrations with their CRM in NoTime. Our provisioning team will create contact flows and third party integrations.


Start The Campaign

Once the minimum number of agents are trained and contact flows are created, business can start sending the calls to NoTime platform.

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Start Your Call Center in NoTime

Local vs Overseas Talent

Businesses can select local or overseas talent for their needs and also blend them together for a better coverage and cost efficiency

Local Freelance Talent

NoTime helps business to access freelance call center agents local to your customers and pay per

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Overseas Call Centers

Overseas call center talent can also be hired through NoTime. Their past performance and customer feedback scores will help businesses to find the quality talent easily.

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Public Services


Customer Expert

This tier is used for the local agents who are new to our platform and to the call center industry as well as English Speaking overseas talents.


Customer Advocate

These are local agents who are active full-time in our platform for at least six months and have 80% or higher performance score. Learn more about our scorecards


Customer Ambassador

They are local agents who are active full-time for at least twelve months in our platform with 80% or higher performance score. Learn more about our scorecards.

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