Data Privacy and Quality Assurance
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Learn more about why NoTime is safer than a traditional call center model and how you can maximise call center service quality in NoTime

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Why NoTime Agents Are Safer


Long-Term Career Goal

NoTime customer experts are career professional who enjoy the freedom of remote working, flexible hours and better income that NoTime platform offers. They are more committed to this accupation than a traditional aget, threfore more likely to perform better.


Better NPS, Higher Earnings

Performance history and customer feedbacks are integral part of NoTime platforms. Experts aim for higher net promoter scrores for better earnings and self-promotion.


Call Center Security Best Practices

NoTime operates with call center security best practices and restricts critical customer information from the experts. NoTime platform is PCI DSS Compliant for protecting payment-related and other critical information.

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Maximizing NoTime Sevice Quality

No Time Service Quality

Retainer Fee and Dynamic Price Adjustment

Businesses can offer weekly retainer fee for sufficient trained agents to login during their working hours. Per minute price can be updated for urgent need to handle high volumes of calls in case of an emergency.


Recording Each Call

Each call can be recorded so that can be analysed by your quality assurance team later. Recording can also be used for compliance and businesses can import recorded audio into their platforms


Daily Scorecards

NoTime automatically generates daily scorecards; visual short reports for each skill and sends as an email to your business stakeholders. This helps to see the customer activity and service performance easily.


Weekly Team Calls

You can schedule a weekly team calls with the members of your virtual customer service team to highlight new procedures, discuss challenges and get feedback.

Data Privacy and Conflict of Interest


Protect Caller Name and Contact Details

Caller's name and number can be hidden from the agent if needed. Agent can call the customer if needed without seeing the phone number.


Exclude Specific Businesses

If there are soe competitors your shared call center agents should not support, you can list them in your dashboard. NoTime will ensure that your agents will not


Request Privacy Audit

NoTime can provide a privacy audit for your operations, the data which is collected and accessible. We can work together to eliminate all the privacy concerns for your business.

Data Privacy and Conflict of Interest

Ensure Instant Agent Availability in Your Working Hours

Dynamic Talent Pool

Weekly Retainer

Businesses can offer weekly retainer fee to the number of qualified experts for being online and active during their time zone. This ensures that there will be available experts to take your calls even if your call volumes are low

Dynamic Talent Pool

Dynamic Price Adjustment

In case of any downtime, sales campaigns or any other immediate agent requirements, you can increase per minute pricing dynamically. NoTime will nofiy the qualified agents for your skills to go online and take your calls

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