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Advantages of Utilising NoTime Agents

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Inbound Lead Conversion

Generic Call Center Training Completed

NoTime talent already have the skills for handling customers on the phone,

Inbound Lead Conversion

Mock Customer Calls with AI

You can insert a typical customer converstion steps and agents can test their abilities with AI-Based customer simulator

Inbound Lead Conversion

Mandatory Refresher Courses

In case of any new features, you can create a new version of skill and existing qualified agents will be notified to re-qualify for the latest version.

What Should Training Material Include

Inbound Lead Conversion
Top 10 Questions customers ask

Adding the most popular questions you get from the customers with their answers will help NoTime Experts to handle calls quickly

Free E-Learning Portal
Greetings and Call Endings

How the customers will be greeted and the next steps once steps once the call ends

Dynamic Talent Pool
Incentives for Certaion Actions

In some cases experts will be asked to complete a purchase or finalise a renewal. Documenting those critical tasks and potential incentives will help experts to be more focused.

No-Cost Cloud Call Center
Scripted Questions

Each skill have up to 10 scripted questions and answers to help agents to point the customer to the right direction

Analytics and Forecasting
Result Codes

Each skill may have multiple result codes to label the calls and analyse them quicker. Your training material should include which result codes should be used in which cases.

Agent Screening and Data Privacy
Third-Party Platforms

Any requirement to access and update third party platforms such as reservation system, CRM envirement etc. must be documented clearly, preferably with screenshoots

Start Your Pay as You Use Call Center in NoTime

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Build Learning Paths

Businesses can build learning paths for their talent pool which can include trainings from NoTime e-learning library as well as courses specific to their business needs.

NoTime e-learning library
Skill-building portal.

Create Skill Trainings

You can build courses by creating content in the portal or by uploading existing content in the following formats; avi, wmv, mpg, mov, flv, m4v, mp4, ppt, pptx, pdf, mp3, zip, doc, docx, swf.

Offer Qualification Exams

Once the course is completed, you can request a qualification exam to be passed by the talent.

Notime e-learning portal is very flexible; you can add visual content into your exams in the formats given above.

After the exams are passed, learning path is complete and agent will be ready to answer your customer enquiries.

Offer Qualification Exams