Building an Internal Helpdesk with Freelance Customer Experts

NoTime Web Team June 1, 2021

Customers are not only external, you can have internal customers as well. Employees, partners, and resellers often need help on things like inside sales, HR, finance, and IT support. These are usually specialist skills and NoTime can train freelance experts with these skills to handle your internal customers.

One of the reasons people join NoTimeto become freelance experts is that they can build a career in the platform. This is not a gig economy. Experts can learn specialist skills to support campaigns at higher rates. They can complete IT support specialization to help the employees remotely for their technical issues and learn about human resources skills to support employees about subjects such as wellbeing, pensions, benefits, and employee satisfaction.

These internal support skills used to be handled by the in-house teams. But more and more users are working remotely and employing specialist people full-time for this is inefficient. NoTime’s freelance experts already have access to the e-learning material for these subjects. NoTime e-learning platform offers training modules such as IT support, HR, finance, and inbound sales support. Companies can easily create their own e-learning content for freelance experts to get qualified and start handling their calls. NoTime also offers technology such as video calling, screen sharing features these users may need during the call. For services like IT support, the screen sharing feature is used a lot. NoTime also offers a voice recording of each call so that you can listen to those calls, analyze the conversations and maybe create new content for the internal users. The great thing about NoTime pay as you use model is that when you improve processes for your customers, you will see the positive financial impact immediately. You will get fewer calls and the company will start saving instantly.

These specialist skills are usually only available during office hours when in-house resources are used. NoTime offers 24/7 coverage with freelance experts. We also have many flexible plans for the incentives to make sure that there will be enough trained experts available to help your customers.

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