Click and Call for Customer Service

In NoTime

Your website visitors can start an Internet call and talk to a qualified expert 24/7 for higher growth and customer retention


Talk to hot leads visiting your website for higher conversion and faster growth

Build Instant Rapport with Customers and Leads

Engage with the hot leads visiting your website over the web phone using your call center staff or NoTime Freelance Customer Experts


Customer calls from desktop and mobile browsers

Visitors of your website can start an instant call from desktop and mobile browser and talk to a freelance customer expert qualified for your business.


Integrate with Your Existing Call Center

Click to Call can be integrated with your existing call center, so that hot leads on your website can engage with your business quickly


Use NoTime Freelance Experts and Pay as You Use

NoTime freelance customer experts can handle your customer calls 24/7 once they are qualified for your business by completing e-learning module for your skills.

Click and Call Features

Your customers can start a click and call session, share their browser tab and leave feedback easily once the call ends. Using dropdown menu options, they can skip IVR menus

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Screen Sharing

Customers can share a browser tab on their device instantly, without installing any plugins.

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Customer Star Rating

Star-based rating and comment box will be available for the customers at the end of the call.

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Eliminate IVR Menus

Using drop-down menu, caller can select the skill they need to talk to.

Create Pay As You Use Customer Service in Three Steps

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All-In-One Platform

for Handling Customers and Leads over the Phone

  • Freelance Customer Experts
  • Global Call Center
  • Accept Payments over the phone worldwide
  • Experts Local to Your Customers
  • Pay Per Minute Pricing
  • No Fixed or Recurring Fees
  • Inbound Sales Toolkit
  • Click to Call button for your website
  • Screen Sharing
  • Ability to Record Customer Calls
  • Real-Time Dashboards
  • Historical Reports
  • Free CRM and Ticketing
  • 3rd-Party CRM Integration
  • E-Learning Platform
  • Customer Feedback Scores