End of Cold Calling in 2021.
What’s next for marketers?

NoTime Web Team June 1, 2021

I’m sure you heard the news. Starting from June 2021, making marketing calls with robocalls will be blocked by telecom companies in the United States and Canada. Buying thousands of phone numbers and cold-calling them will not be possible anymore. So what’s next for the marketers? Challenges and solutions? Here is my take about Inbound Selling which I believe is the right alternative to Cold Calling.

End of robocalls. This has a massive effect on the marketing and lead generation industry. But it had to happen. Today, an average phone user in the US receives 4 to 6 robocalls every single day. This is too much, and we have to move on.

So what’s next for the marketers? How can we promote our products, run campaigns without any cold calling or robocalls? Inbound sales and inbound marketing will be the only option and the right one. But there is a challenge. Talking to someone over the phone is the best way to promote a product. Elevating their awareness into interest for our product and eventually leading them to a sale. That was possible in cold calling. But in inbound selling, we don’t know when we gonna get the customer calls, and how many people we will need to answer them. It is very costly to operate an inbound customer service in the traditional call center format.

That’s why we built NoTime . Companies can work with freelance customer experts in NoTime platform. A professional who is trained for your product and local to your customers can handle their calls any time of the day, regardless of the size of your business. If you don’t have any calls, they can take calls from other companies. You will only pay for the number of minutes spent on each call. If you don’t receive any calls, you pay nothing. You can assign account managers, to every single customer you have, and you will only pay for the number of minutes they spent for each call. Are the calls expensive? One call often costs less than a single click on a search engine ad.

NoTime Platform offers all the technology you need for communicating with the customers;

Global Call Center infrastructure, recording of each call, reports, dashboards, screen sharing, integration with the back-office applications… Any tech you need is part of the service.

You don’t need to make any upfront investment and there are no fixed recurring payments either. Pay as you use.

Well, sounds interesting. but does it actually work? Can a freelance customer expert perform better than in-house staff? How about security, privacy? How can you make sure that there will be a trained expert available to take your customer calls any time of the day?

There is only one way to find out. Try NoTime. Visit notime.io and check the answers to all these questions. Register your organization and start building your customer success network with freelance customer experts. You can achieve better inbound selling, higher customer retention, and growth in NoTime.

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