Best Call to Action for Your Website

NoTime Web Team May 31, 2021

What is the best call to action for your company website? Is it webchat, callbacks or webforms? Or maybe subscribing to your service for the trial. I think the real question is what is the action, that visitors can take to make them love your product. So not only they will become long-term, paying customers but also tell everybody about your company and your brand.

In this post, I will talk about how to make customers love your product, and also how we can get some feedback from them so we can tweak our offering to get the most attention.

Probably you are already marketing your business to create some attention for your product. Since cold calling will be banned soon in the United States and email marketing is getting less and less effective, bringing customers to your website is something probably you are already focusing on more.

The challenge here is that customers may not easily see the value that you are offering on your website or often they actually don’t know what they want.

In this case, talking to someone over the phone can be the best option. Even better than becoming a subscriber. Because they can subscribe now then cancel next month and they are gone for good. You will never know why they decided to walk away.

By talking to someone over the phone, they can actually express their needs and feelings better. Also, you will have the audio recording of your leads. You can learn a lot from these conversations.

I think we all agree that if the leads can call your company anytime they want and talk to someone about your product, they can be sold much easily.

Obviously, the next question is; who’s gonna answer all these calls? All the big companies are trying to avoid talking to the customers over the phone. How can you do it without a massive investment and recurring costs?
That is the problem that we have been trying to solve for years. And I think we’ve got something.

The issue is that we don’t know how many calls we will get and how long each call will take. When you hire a team for customer service, you are basically trying to handle the varying demand with the fixed supply;

  • If the demand is high, you get lots of calls, you won’t have enough people to answer them.
  • You can have a bigger team, then when the demand gets low, your team will be sitting and doing nothing. In fact, a typical call center is only busy up to 60%. They are often overstaffed to handle these variations. It’s a very inefficient system. That’s why all the call center phone numbers are hidden. They don’t want you to call.

So the solution is to handle the customer calls with freelance customer experts. They can get trained for your business and help your customers over the phone. If you don’t have any calls, they can take calls from other businesses that they are trained. And you will only pay for the number of minutes they spent to handle your customers. If you don’t receive any calls, you pay nothing. You can work with the freelancers local to your customers or overseas ones or both for full 24 by 7 coverage.

The whole infrastructure you will need for this; call center, reporting, back-office integration, audio recording, e-learning, screen sharing… anything you can think of is part of the NoTime platform. You don’t need any subscription or investment.

So now over to you What do you think about NoTime? Would you like to build your customer service using this platform? Or you just want to use it for outside the normal office hours or when you get very busy. Let me know in the comments below. You can also visit to learn more.

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