Seasonal Talent

Many businesses need seasonal and short-term expansion on their call center operations.
NoTime helps businesses to manage these needs easily, reduce costs and perform better.

NoTime for Short-Term Talent

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Create Talent Pool Easily

Businesses can post their skill needs in NoTime platform with the dates they require availability, They can also filter the talent based on their past performance, verbal skills and customer feedback

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Eliminate Training Costs

Using NoTime e-learning portal and virtual supervisor features, businesses eliminate the cost of training the short-term staff.

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Attract High Quality Talent

Short-term staffing recruits are often inexperienced about the customer service. NoTime’s freelance talents see this as a career opportunity. Our large talent pool offers local and overseas staff with their past performance details.

Use Cases

Here are some of the many needs for short-term and seasonal call center talent

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Retail Sales

NoTime helps your call center to expand easily in your sale seasons.

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Events and Expos

You can easily build a call center for a few days of high activity in NoTime.

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School Admissions

It is possible to offer a great call center service with a reduced cost