24/7 Patient Services in Healthcare

NoTime Web Team May 28, 2021
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If there is a single industry that needs human interactions at any time of the day, that is healthcare. Patients expect to talk to someone over the phone at any time of the day and on the weekends. There are usually two levels of help needed on the phone. Talking about the appointments, test results, membership, and payment-related questions and escalating the patient’s call to a specialist in certain situations.

Freelance experts can handle the calls from the patients and support them in their own language. They can access the patient’s details and update their information. Privacy is another important point in healthcare. Patient identity and personal data will never be fully exposed to freelance experts. Information such as phone number email address will only be available partially. During ID verification as well verification answers will be only partial; letters and numbers from the actual answer.

You can also work with freelance experts as medical interpreters, translating the language between the specialist and the patient. Local experts can be called and handle patient calls. If an escalation is needed, they can also translate between the patient and the specialist.

NoTime offers a mobile softphone app to the specialists so that they can set themselves available if they can take patient calls from the escalation. Both NoTime expert and the specialist can also start a video call with the patient if needed. They can send a video link via SMS text message to the patient, and the patient joins the video without installing any mobile app. And all the conversations can be recorded for the service quality.

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