Call Center Efficiency Problem and the Solution

Yigit Zorlu September 26, 2019
Uberization of Call Center
Call center is the most preferred option by the customers to get some help. But, call center services today are not very efficient. Businesses don’t know 100% how many calls they will receive each day. Because of that, they overstaff their call centers; they hire more agents for the shift in case they get more calls than usual.

Therefore, call center agents are just waiting for calls most of their shift time. In a large call center, agents are busy with customer calls only up to 60% of their shift time. In smaller call centers, this goes down to 30 to 40 %. Imagine that you are paid to work only 30–40% of the shift time. Not very efficient, is it?

Average call center agent is busy only 50% of her shift time or even less.

This efficiency problem causes lower salaries in the call center business and lack of career opportunities. “Why would I pay more to someone who will be busy only 50% of their shift time?” managers often think. Therefore, becoming a call center agent is often seen as a temporary or a part-time job. Due to low pay and no career prospects, 30% of the call center agents give up their jobs every year. This means new hiring and training process for the call center.

Due to low pay and no career prospects, 30% of the call center agents give up their jobs every year..

Call Center Problem Cycle looks like this;

  • Call centers can not fully estimate how many calls they will receive each day
  • Because of that, they hire more people than needed, in case they get busy
  • This causes low pay and no career prospects for the call center agents
  • Therefore, 30% of the call center agents give up their jobs every year
  • That means an additional cost of re-hiring and re-training a new hire for the call center

NoTime can fix all that.

The solution is the Pay as You Use Call Center Model with Freelance Customer Experts

NoTime offers a more efficient call center service model. It is a pay as you use call center service with freelance customer experts.

Freelance agents can get trained and answer calls for multiple businesses. If there are no calls from one business, they can handle the calls from another business they are trained for. NoTime also provides a global cloud call center infrastructure, so businesses don’t need to make any upfront investments. The service is pay as you use. Business will pay based on the number of minutes NoTime Experts spent time for their customers.

This means that even small businesses and startups can afford to offer a call center service. Big businesses can run a more cost efficient service and scale up and down easily.

NoTime Experts can make more money by taking more calls. As they get higher customer ratings, they can apply for higher payment rate skills such as VIP customers and New Business. They can also earn a weekly retainer fee to get qualified for the skills which do not expect a lot of calls but need trained people available online to take calls.

And the best part is; And the best part is; NoTime Freelance Experts can work from anywhere in the world with flexible working hours. Because the freedom is your biggest wealth.

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