Transform Go-to-Market with Remote Selling

Yigit Zorlu November 16, 2020
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97% of the US businesses are changing their Go-To-Market strategy, focusing on remote selling and data-driven technologies. Learn how your business can transform from field sales to virtual account executive model with real customer reps, regardless of its size.

The Business Landscape Today

  • 97% of the US businesses are changing their Go-To-Market strategy
  • Over 80% are reducing their travel budgets
  • Two out of three businesses are extending remote working to 2021
  • Half of them are cutting Field Salesforce
  • Over 80% are increasing the investment to technology to improve remote working, market access and customer engagement
  • 88% of them agree the pandemic offers a big opportunity to change the way they reach and engage customers.

More Inbound Selling Opportunities

As the cold calling measures are tightened and the field sales is reduced to the minimum, sales teams need a new approach. Businesses need to attract the customer using digital marketing, let them visit their website or the app and call their Inbound Sales line for the purchase or online sales support.

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Sales organisations focus on increasing client access and coverage while retain cost savings from remote selling. It becomes more important to monitor and hook the leads visiting your website and offering them direct engagement channels such as direct helpline number where they can talk to qualified reps.

Traditional Inbound Selling Is Expensive

Although Inbound Sales is great to engage with the hot leads directly, businesses need to have sufficient resources to handle customer enquiries. This is particularly difficult for small businesses with low call volumes.

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Using NoTime as your digital selling platform;

NoTime is a Remote Modular Workforce platform where businesses can work with freelance customer experts and pay based on the number of minutes freelance expert handles incoming calls. Business doesn’t need to worry about setting up a call center, training the reps and managing their work utilisation. Using NoTime E-Learning Portal, freelance experts can get trained for multiple businesses and support them by handling their inbound customer calls. You can have a qualified resource ready to answer your call any time of the day, regardless of your call volumes.

Cost of a NoTime call is often much less than the cost of a single click onto a search engine advert

NoTime solves many problems about handling inbound sales challenges;

  1. Coverage: You can increase the coverage for the sales; time coverage as well as the regional coverage using remote pay-as-you-use workforce round the clock.

  2. Customer Experience: You can increase responsiveness by offering a hotline number instead of webform or webchat, maximise first contact resolution, build rapport by handling every customer call with the freelance experts qualified for your business.

  3. Account Management and CRM: NoTime offers a built-in CRM and Ticketing service. It also offers integration to your existing CRM platform such as Salesforce, ServiceNow and Zendesk.

  4. Speed: You can handle any customer call regardless of the size of your business and call volumes and pay as you use the talent. You can guarantee the availability of the qualified talent by offering weekly retainer fee to the number of experts. If they login and make themselves available during your office hours, they will be paid a retainer fee end of the week.

  5. Engagement:> Freelance customer experts are career professionals. They are already trained for handling complex customer situations such as renewals, online sales support and highly emotional customers.

  6. Cost: Businesses only pay based on the number of minutes experts spent for the call. There is no fixed recurring cost. Cost of a NoTime call is often less than the cost of a single click of a search engine advertisement.

  7. Visibility: NoTime offers a global call center infrastructure with free real-time charts, historical reports and call recording. You can even check the text transcripts of each call from your NoTime Dashboard.

  8. Productivity: By focusing on hot leads and talking to them over the phone, your conversion and customer satisfaction rates will be much higher, bringing more business and higher retention.


Ability to talk to the customer or a hot lead and building a rapport immediately has a tremendous value for your business. NoTime Remote Modular Workforce platform can help to build your virtual sales and customer service with freelance experts easily and quickly.

Yigit Zorlu is the CEO of NoTime Inc. Remote Modular Workforce platform. You can enrol and start your virtual selling and customer service line in NoTime with no initial cost and pay only when your customer calls are handled by the experts. Learn more about NoTime from

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