Setting Up a Pay as You Use Consumer Helpline

Yigit Zorlu November 12, 2020
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Offering Consumer Helpline is a legal requirement in many industries. Otherwise, it is a key feature for building trust with the product, brand and the company. Here are some challenges in consumer helplines and ideas about how we can address them;

The Problem:

The biggest issue in these services is the randomness of the inbound call traffic. Especially if your product is relatively new, it will be difficult to estimate the incoming call count for each week and run your call center efficiently. If you are trying to test your product in the market, consumer helpline is a big cost that your business would like to minimise.

Solution: Pay As You Use Call Center with Talent

NoTime Remote Modular Workforce platform helps businesses to offer a customer service line without any employment, capital investment or long-term commitment. NoTime is a platform which brings businesses and freelance customer service experts together. NoTime experts can get trained and qualified for your business to support your customers over the phone. You will only pay for the number of minutes they spent to handle your calls. If there are no calls, you pay nothing.

NoTime also provides e-learning, ticketing, call recording, real-time and historical reporting features as part of the service with no extra cost.

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E-learning platform helps NoTime Experts to get trained and qualified for your business. It also provides FAQ and qualification questionnaire for the active calls. You can upload your e-learning material into your NoTime dashboard and create qualification exam. As NoTime experts pass your exam and get qualified, you will receive notification emails. Once you reached your minimum number of trained experts target, your helpline will become active and NoTime Experts will start to handle your customer calls.

Call Center Infrastructure

NoTime platform operates a global call center infrastructure which includes interactive voice response (IVR), voice recording, real-time and historical reporting, resource forecasting and scheduling features. Businesses can access their real-time dashboards and historical reports as well as the audio recording of each call as part of the service.

Backoffice Applications and Ticketing

NoTime also includes a simple CRM and Ticketing service. Each call will have a ticket created with the expert’s notes, call result codes and answers to the customer qualification questionnaire. Tickets can be accessed from your NoTime dashboard.

How to Ensure the Availability of Qualified Experts

NoTime is a platform where freelance experts support multiple businesses by handling their customer calls. Common concern is about how to ensure enough trained experts to be available during the hours of operation.If your business needs to guarantee a minimum number of qualified experts, you can offer “Weekly Retainer Fee” to a number of NoTime experts who are qualified for your business. If an expert logs in and stays active i.e. either in Available or in Talking state during your business hours for a week, you will pay a weekly retainer fee, even if no calls are received. This incentive will ensure to have sufficient number of qualified personnel each day. Weekly Retainer Fee is also used to attract NoTime experts to qualify for your business skills, even if your call volumes are low. Typically, a NoTime Expert handles 3–5 busy skills and 7–9 less busy skills with retainer fees.

Team Calls and E-Mail Communication

Businesses can schedule a team call with the qualified experts. NoTime also offers web conferencing feature for such meetings. You can also send news, product updates and other announcements over the email. If there is a major change in your product support scope, you can release an updated version of your training and NoTime Experts qualify for the new version of the skill.


Remote working has become the new norm for the agile business. Utilising freelance experts for certain roles and paying only per minute for their service helps your organisation to minimise fixed costs, scale up and down easily and grow faster. Check out NoTime website ( and learn more about remote modular workforce and how it can help your business to become more agile.

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