Increase Startup Success Rate by 70%

NoTime Web Team May 28, 2021

Almost every event or a Youtube video about startups begins with this note; 90% of the startups fail. In fact, it is not only the startups. According to the US Small Business Association, 70% of the small businesses fail within the first ten years.

Is this simply the cost of risk-taking or are there things we can do to improve this figure?

Common reasons for the failure are;

  • running out of money
  • being in the wrong market
  • lack of research
  • bad partnerships
  • bad marketing and
  • not being an expert in the field

Obviously, these are mostly the consequences of the real problem; the lack of communication with the market. Not talking enough with the customers, resellers, distributors, and suppliers. That causes the company to waste precious time and the limited resources they have.

Especially the communication with the customers. It’s very important to get the customer and the user feedback about the product early on. But it is also practically quite difficult. We don’t know when they gonna reach out to us. Often many customers shy away from web chat or web forms even though they have a lot to say because it takes time to write whatever they feel and discuss them on the web chat.

I believe that your customers, potential resellers, and affiliates; if can talk to someone who’s trained about your product over the phone, you can understand how they feel about your product better. As David Ogilvy once famously said; People don’t think what they feel, don’t say what they think, and don’t do what they say. By talking to them over the phone and asking open-ended questions, we can learn more about what the customers think about our product and how we should pivot it.

Working with Freelance Customer Experts, your company can answer customer calls at any time of the day. Using NoTime platform, you can select the experts you want to work with. NoTime also offers all the infrastructure and technology you need to handle customer calls. And You will only pay for the number of minutes freelance experts spent over the phone.

When you’re trying to find your product-market fit and grow quickly, talking to the customer and leads will help your company to adjust your product to the target market.

- Does the customer understand the benefits you offer?
- Is the pricing right?
- What is the actual problem they are trying to solve using your product All these questions can be answered when the customers can easily talk to an expert over the phone and open up about how they feel.

Visit and learn more about how freelance customer experts can help you to build a communication channel with your users and the customers.

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